Flour-coating systems of salumis
with a natural and even process.

Flour-coating machines

Automatic systems for the flour-coating of salumi suspended from a rack or frame, ensuring natural and effective flour-coating of the salumi through processes which ensure the full removal of any mould. The salumi is processed directly on the frame, both fixed and on a rail system, and can be of different sizes and shapes.

The flour-coating machines for salumis such as, salami and cured meat are constructed on the basis of the customer’s requirements and ensure maximum homogeneity of the treatment. The systems produced by Colussi Ermes offer a vast selection of applicable procedures such as: natural flour-coating, electrostatic flour-coating and spray flour-coating.

Flour-coating machines
  • Natural flour-coating on single sticks or a rack. As is the case with normal salumi flour-coating, this type of flour-coating can be used with all types of flour: cornflour, potato starch, durum flour, rice flour, etc.
  • Electrostatic flour-coating on a single stick or sticks on racks coming from systems with automatic loading and unloading processes. Through the use of electrostatic charges, this system allows significant adherence of the flour to the entire surface area of the salumi.
  • Spray flour-coating on a single stick or sticks on racks coming from systems with automatic loading and unloading processes. The nebulization of the flour through spray systems allows the entire surface area of each salume to be coated, adhering with maximum levels of evenness.

 Salumi flour-coating systems with advanced flour-recovery technology.

  • TAILOR-MADE: the machine is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, on the basis of their requests and requirements.
  • A particular technology adopted for the flour-coating of salumis, allows the flour to be introduced into the system through a recirculation system (cyclone) avoiding waste (responsible dosing of the flours).
  • The system is equipped with technology allowing the flour which has not been used in the treatment to be recovered and reused by being conveyed into the flour-coating cycle of new salumis.
  • The technical area dedicated to the suction unit is closed by designated panels in stainless steel, which have the dual function of ensuring operator safety and noise reduction.
  • Customized programs for the flour-coating of salumis.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and times.
  • Selection of materials responding to extremely high standards (pharmaceutical).
  • Reliability and performance levels unchanged over time.
  • Constant and uninterrupted monitoring of the functions and critical parameters.
  • Structure in stainless steel.
  • Cab system.
  • Manual or automatic opening with a single door or double “pass-through” doors
  • “Ready to Use” program for immediate system operation at the start of the shift.
  • Automatic loading and unloading.
  • Automated movement systems.
  • Constant monitoring of all parameters in compliance with HACCP standards.

Our special flour-coating systems are designed to meet all the production capacities and requirements for treating salumis of any type (salami and cured meat) with long or short ageing times and of different shapes.

This way, we can offer:

  • Small salumi flour-coating systems which offer simple yet reliable flour-coating cycles.
  • Medium sized flour-coating systems, stand-alone or in-line, which take advantage of the latest technological innovations of Colussi Ermes and ensure incredible results.
  • Large and innovative high-tech systems for industrial scale flour-coating of salumis.