Automatic bin and vat washing systems, suitable for all sectors of the market.

Bin and vat washers

Automatic, highly versatile systems for washing: bins and vats, covers, trucks and pallets; suitable for all sectors of the market, including the apple industry. Colussi Ermes produces bin and vat washing systems which comply with the most stringent hygiene/sanitary standards, tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.

Bin and vat washers
  • The possibility of simultaneously washing bins and vats of various shapes and type, of different heights and dimensions: square, round, plastic, steel and even on wheels.
  • Flexible hourly washing capacity, from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 120 racks/hour
  • Available in the cabin version with a single door or double “pass-through” doors, or continuous tunnel version.

Bin and vat washing systems designed to remove even the most stubborn residue.

The bin and vat washing systems are fully automated and manufactured according to extremely high quality protocols which, thanks to particular high pressure systems are able to remove even the most stubborn residue.

  • TAILOR-MADE: the machine is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, on the basis of their requests and requirements.
  • Structure in stainless steel with thick insulated panels to prevent heat dispersion. This technology offers a dual function: reduction in energy consumption and noise reduction.
  • Customized washing programs.
  • Washing programs designed to obtain maximum energy efficiency.
  • High pressure to remove all types of stubborn residue or dirt.
  • Advanced system for removing water residue from the surfaces of the bin and vats, for immediate re-use in the production process.
  • Responsible dosing of chemical solutions to protect the environment as well as the operators involved in the bin and vat washing operations.
  • Multiple water heating systems.
  • Significant savings of energy, water and detergent.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs and times.
  • Reliability and performance levels unchanged over time.
  • Constant and uninterrupted monitoring of the functions and critical parameters.
  • Interfacing with centralised monitoring systems compliant with HACCP standards and automatic feed systems of the equipment to be washed.
  • A special mechanical system allows the top part of the system to be raised allowing easy cleaning and maintenance operations and full inspection.
  • Structure in stainless steel.
  • Prime quality raw materials.
  • Selection of materials responding to extremely high standards (pharmaceutical).
  • State-of-the-art technological systems for the extraction of fumes.
  • Innovative filtering systems.
  • Rotating filter for the continuous removal of large residue produced by the washing cycle.
  • Pre-wash cycles for the most stubborn residue.
  • CIP (Clean In Place) self-washing program which preserves and purifies the production lines of organic and inorganic contaminants. CIP is a self-washing automatic system for all circuits, walls and key points of the machine which does not require disassembly. This is carried out through the introduction of detergent fluids at a specific pre-set concentration, pressure and temperature and constantly monitored, followed by careful washing and sanitization.
  • Drying system using a new technology designed and developed by Colussi Ermes able to combine optimal drying capacity with minimum consumption.
  • Constant monitoring of all parameters in compliance with HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).
  • Automated movement systems, including loading and unloading.
  • Automatic transfer, destacking and stacking systems.
  • Blowing and Drying.
  • “Ready to Use” program for immediate system operation at the start of the shift.
  • Removal of adhesive labels.

The bin and vat washing systems are automatic and have been designed to meet any production requirement, according to the highest quality standards:

  • Small systems, single or double, which offer customized washing cycles.
  • Medium sized systems, stand-alone or in-line, providing impeccable results in terms of hygiene.
  • Large-scale innovative high-tech multi-phase systems for industrial use, suitable for washing cycles for up to 120 bins or vats/hour.