Automation Systems

The Colussi Ermes automation systems are set apart from other systems on the market thanks to the high technological value and the ability to combine high efficiency levels with low management costs. Pre-tested automations are available for simple operations such as crate opening and collapsing and also stacking and destacking, however Colussi Ermes continues to follow the Tailor Made concept based on the customer’s requirements and to ensure better results.

Crate openers

The Colussi Ermes crate openers are automatic machines able to simultaneously open collapsible crates of various heights and dimensions at high speed. The technological level of the automation and design, designed in every detail, ensures high performance levels as well as permitting stand-alone or in line positioning, even in areas with limited space.

Technical features:

  • Automatic recognition of the crate type.
  • Waste extraction and removal of labels.
  • Check side coupling and the elimination of damaged crates
  • Capacity: 2,400 crates/hour approx. (crates 600×400).
  • Suitable for all types of collapsible crates.

Spin dryers

Thanks to continuous evolution over the last decade, Colussi Ermes has become the absolute leader in drying systems, above all with the development of spin dryers.

Large capacities of up to 7,500 crates/hour, speed and perfect drying, these are just some of the features which, together with the possibility of treating crates of different types, set the new generation Colussi Ermes spin dryers apart from the rest.

Continuous innovation over the years has led not only to the creation of ever more powerful spin dryers with increased performance levels, but also to the birth of the “super-compact” spin dryer for crates; a machine able to combine large drying capacity with a minimum footprint.

The Colussi Ermes spin dryers can be included in existing systems as well as new installations; a design which has been designed in terms of the footprint and the parts, allowing it to be adapted to extremely limited areas.

It is available in the Single or Twin-lane version, and within just a few seconds, the Colussi Ermes spin dryer is able to ensure perfect drying with limited energy consumption. The high performance levels combined with high energy efficiency levels make it an effective and economical solution.

Technical features:

  • Possibility of drying crates of different dimensions, both rigid and collapsible in just two seconds.
  • Capacity of up to 2,400 crates/hour in the single version.
  • Capacity of up to 4,200 crates/hour in the Twin-lane version.
  • Up to 7,500 crates/hour in the non-compact versions.
  • Maximum drying: 2-4 gr of water residue.
  • Flexibility: suitable for all types of rigid and collapsible crates.
  • Minimum footprint: EU from 3,800 to 4,200 mm; America from 4,200 to 5,400 mm.
  • Energy savings of between 80% and 90%.

Destacking systems

The Colussi Ermes destacking system is fully automatic and is singled out for its speed and the simple yet reliable technology. This system is suitable for treating crates of different shapes and types, collapsible, rigid and nestable.

Main technical features:

  • Capacity: up to 3,500 crates/hour (depending on the type of crate).
  • Suitable for all types of collapsible crates.

Stacking systems

The Colussi Ermes stacking system is fully automatic and is equipped with special technology allowing the dried crates to be separated by: type, shape and even colour. This system is suitable for the stacking of collapsible, rigid and nesting crates.

Crate collapsing devices

A fully automatic crate collapsing system able to simultaneously collapse crates at high speed even if the crates are of different types and dimensions. It is equipped with a system which detects and expels the damaged crates from the line as well as those which have not been fully collapsed.


The depalletizer is a fundamental automation to optimise production times and processes.
Once loaded onto the conveyor belt, the depalletizer will automatically separate the crates which are stacked above the pallet from the pallet itself. The Colussi Ermes depalletizers are suitable for europallets and are equipped with a system which recognises the different pallet dimensions.


The fully automatic palletizers are able to turn the crates in the most suitable direction, to optimise the available space on the pallet.

Shrink wrap machines

Shrink wrap machines represent one of the most common systems used within an automation process and are generally installed downstream of the palletizers. They serve to package the palletized crates by wrapping them in a plastic shrink wrap. They are fully automated and are tailor-made on the basis of the customer’s requirements.

Crate sorting systems

These technologically advanced systems are able to sort and separate crates into lots with the same code. They are also used to eliminate non-compliant crates. These Colussi Ermes automations are fully automatic, they allow the crates to be tracked and monitored and is singled out for the high levels of efficiency and capacity.

Vision systems

These are sophisticated control stations, equipped with sensors and designated video-cameras which constantly monitor the condition of the products processed both before and after the washing process. The non-compliant items are rejected by the line to ensure maximum quality for the end customer. These systems are also used to monitor the various stages of the process.

Robotic systems

The flexibility in the development of handling solutions which are interlocked with the washing process, has led to the creation of complex automatic systems which use various types of robots, both cartesian coordinate and anthropomorphic robotic systems. Colussi Ermes is able to meet the specific requirements of the customer through the creation of tailor-made automations.

Removing labels

Label removal is a service increasingly called for by companies working with crates, bins and vats, and pallets. These machines, usually installed up from the washing system and equipped with cutting edge technology, remove any type of label effectively.