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Le asciuga cassette a centrifuga Colussi Ermes garantiscono velocità e perfetta asciugatura fino a 4200 casse/ora

Years of innovation led Colussi Ermes to the creation of the powerful “super-compact” spin-dryer – a machine that combines large drying capacity and minimum footprint. A great number of these centrifugal drying systems have been installed worldwide already. Colussi has achieved an impressive result, helping many industries reduce their impact on our planet by significantly decreasing the energy requirements to perfectly dry all types of rigid and collapsible crates and pallets.
Our centrifugal dryers allow saving energy by over 90% while ensuring an excellent final result. The Spin Drying System also improves the hygiene of the working place and diminishes the need for room dehumidification and conditioning thus reducing energy consumption also indirectly.
A further advantage of such systems is the very low noise level which helps both workers and companies in their daily challenge to achieve more comfortable working conditions.
With our capacity range from 1200 to 4200 crates/line, we are able to cover all industry needs.
It is available in the Single or Double-rotor version and in just a few seconds the Colussi Ermes crate spin dryer is able to ensure the perfect drying with limited energy consumption.

The Colussi Ermes crate spin dryers can be added to existing systems as well as new ones; its design has been created focusing on the footprint so it can be installed in extremely limited spaces.

Although you might have a small space and little time, you can obtain a great drying capacity and huge energy savings with the Colussi Ermes Spin Drying System.

Watch the video to see it in operation!

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