A history which is full of success, and a future yet to be written.


  • 2023

    The #Interpack exhibition is an appointment that cannot be missed by those who work in the bakery, confectionary, food and beverage industry but also in non-food fields such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and process equipment.

    Colussi Ermes, Escher, Proxaut and Vyv – all Middleby group companies – were reunited in this beautiful booth where revolutionary equipment and innovative solutions inspired and impressed all visitors.

    The strong cooperation and attention to the Client is what made this much-anticipated Interpack edition so engaging and interesting.

    2023 Colussi Ermes 2023 Colussi Ermes 2023 Colussi Ermes 2023 Colussi Ermes 2023 Colussi Ermes 2023 Colussi Ermes
  • 2022

    During this year, with a view to establish a more widespread presence in the global market, Colussi Ermes is acquired by Middleby Corporation – a food-service and food-processing equipement worldwide group – that offers a complete range of food-industry processing solutions. This is a new start for Colussi Ermes aiming to speed-up its development and broaden its horizons.

    2022 Colussi Ermes
  • 2022

    Meat and protein alternative technology. IFFA 2022: global leader exhibition.

    After a long challenging period during which we were forced to settle for long-distance business-relations, participating to IFFA 2022 has really been a great joy – words cannot describe the feeling of being back together.

    A big thank you goes to our business-partners and collaborators that outdid themselves in order to make the #IFFA2022 edition a very special event for our clients and prospect clients!

    2022 Colussi Ermes 2022 Colussi Ermes 2022 Colussi Ermes 2022 Colussi Ermes 2022 Colussi Ermes 2022 Colussi Ermes
  • 2021

    Colussi Ermes does not stop: a new large plant is built reaching a total area of 17500 square meters. Improving every possible company aspect – also from a production point of view – has always been one of Colussi Ermes’ main goals.

    2021 Colussi Ermes
  • 2020

    In a difficult moment for the entire world, the Colussi Ermes team joins its clients, suppliers and partners in a great battle. The company highest priorities are scrupulous care, safety and the well-being of its Clients, employees and partners as well as food-safety.



    2020 Colussi Ermes 2020 Colussi Ermes 2020 Colussi Ermes
  • 2019

    “Economy and development prize” awarded to Colussi Ermes as a cutting-edge company that has become successful thanks to the quality and high specialisation of its products and services.

    2019 Colussi Ermes 2019 Colussi Ermes 2019 Colussi Ermes
  • 2019

    Colussi Ermes is continuing its expansion by further extending its production surface.
    Another 2 factory sheds have been added, totally 15000m2 and representing the company’s ongoing growth.

    2019 Colussi Ermes 2019 Colussi Ermes
  • 2019

    CIBUS TEC is among the most innovative food technology exhibitions and a complete showcase of the best solutions for all segments of the food and beverage industry.

    For more than 46 years, customization, innovation and the upholding of human values have been the main assets of Colussi Ermes, as acknowledged at CIBUS TEC 2019 by the worldwide visitors!

    2019 Colussi Ermes
  • 2019

    IFFA 2019 – The no.1 exhibition for the meat industry
    We were born 46 years ago designing the first ham washer in the world. At IFFA 2019, just like then, we were able to win our clients and our new visitors over with our innovations along with the quality, the solidity and the enthusiasm that have always characterized us.

    2019 Colussi Ermes 2019 Colussi Ermes
  • 2018

    Colussi Ermes chosen as ambassador from the best examples of family-run companies out of the top 500 firms in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

    2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes
  • 2018

    Presenting Colussi’s new vision: “Pursuing ongoing improvement guided by our natural instinct.”

    Watch the video »

    2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes
  • 2018

    Great success at the most important trade fairs.
    Especially at IBA 2018, Colussi Ermes stood out for its extremely beautiful stand and for the amazing technologies presented.
    400 astonishing, top-level square metres!

    2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes
  • 2018

    Colussi Ermes exports all over the world reaching many locations in many countries. Spain, germany, australia and north america are the markets where we achieve increasingly more significant sales goals

    2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes 2018 Colussi Ermes
  • 2017

    To meet the ever increasing demands for custom tailored products, Colussi Ermes, with the involvement of its entire internal staff, consolidates and promotes the concept of “Tailor Made”. Each washing system is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, realising unique systems which meet specific and even complex requirements.

    2017 Colussi Ermes
  • 2017

    Interpack 2017

    2017 Colussi Ermes
  • 2016

    Colussi Ermes USA continues its whirlwind growth with the creation of the COLUSSI AWS INC. brand.

    2016 Colussi Ermes 2016 Colussi Ermes 2016 Colussi Ermes
  • 2016

    IFFA 2016

    2016 Colussi Ermes
  • 2015

    Growth continues in foreign markets, highlighted by significant achievements in the Spanish market and the enormous success in North America with washing systems designed specifically for the meat and fish industry. There is also continued success in the pharmaceutical and logistics sectors! The largest international companies continue to choose Colussi Ermes!

    After continued investments and research, the R&D department gives light to the first “super-compact” dryer, a machine able to combine a large capacity for drying crates in small spaces with a minimum footprint.

    2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes
  • 2015

    Thanks to continuous evolution over the last decade, Colussi Ermes has become the absolute leader in drying systems, above all with the development of compact crate spin drying systems.

    Large capacities of up to 4200 crates/hour, speed and perfect drying, are just some of the features which, together with the possibility of handling crates of different types and sizes, set the new generation Colussi Ermes “super-compact” centrifugal dryers apart from the rest.

    2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes 2015 Colussi Ermes
  • 2014

    Expansion and increased potential of the test laboratories, the Quality Assurance department, the production area and offices. Investments in research, innovation and development continue with the aim of realising new projects in the meat and logistics sectors.

    Important commercial goals, above and beyond any and all expectations, are achieved.

    2014 Colussi Ermes 2014 Colussi Ermes
  • 2013

    Expansion continues for Colussi Ermes with a further increase in surface area dedicated to production and the complete renovation of its office space. The company celebrates its first 40 years with the achievement of new goals, making good use of both the great passion which gives it life and the work of a skilful and ingenious team. Colussi Ermes is a recognised brand, synonymous with excellence, innovation and cutting edge technology.

    2013 Colussi Ermes 2013 Colussi Ermes
  • 2012

    Development, manufacture and testing of the most important automated system for washing, drying and storing of variable dimension collapsible crates in partnership with Tanzer Maschinenbrau Srl.

    2012 Colussi Ermes 2012 Colussi Ermes 2012 Colussi Ermes 2012 Colussi Ermes 2012 Colussi Ermes 2012 Colussi Ermes
  • 2011

    In 2011 Colussi Ermes designs the most compact washing machine for racks, pans, pallets and equipment placed on racks.

    Its unique and innovative centrifugal system allows a significant reduction of energy consumption and space while guaranteeing the maximum efficiency. Thanks to a slow rotation of the loading platform, the wash solution reaches the whole surface of the rack and components.

    Research, development and manufacture of a highly innovative system for the continuous washing, drying and cooling of polycarbonate moulds. Manufacture of a pallet washer/dryer for the pharmaceutical industry, with the highest levels of sanitary and hygienic performance.

    2011 Colussi Ermes 2011 Colussi Ermes
  • 2010

    Colussi Ermes launches its new corporate image with a new logo, new graphic design and its strong presence at the most important industry trade shows, such as the IFFA in Frankfurt. A revolution which, as with all internationally renowned and respected companies, Colussi Ermes feels the need accomplish; one where its brand image achieves the same level of recognition as the technological and production value for which is known. Investments continue in the research and development of new technologies which increase the efficiency and production capacity of its systems, increasingly tailored to the performance demands of the customer. The company continues to develop and grow, structuring itself in order to consolidate the position it has gained as a world leader.

    2010 Colussi Ermes 2010 Colussi Ermes 2010 Colussi Ermes 2010 Colussi Ermes
  • 2009

    Design and manufacture of the first system capable of washing and drying over 8,000 crates per hour.

    2009 Colussi Ermes 2009 Colussi Ermes
  • 2008

    Conception and development of the first large-scale system, completely automated for the management of folding crates. This is the only system in the world which has a new patented system for opening, washing and closing crates with collapsible sides, using only water.

    2008 Colussi Ermes
  • 2007

    Construction of a new, fully-equipped and independent facility, covering over 2500 Sq m, dedicated to R&D and the production of highly innovative, speciality systems. Colussi Ermes LLC is established in San Diego, California for the purpose of increasing market share in North America.

    2007 Colussi Ermes
  • 2006

    Significant investments in research and development have resulted in increased performance in drying systems, achieving levels of capacity and production which are at the top of the category. The first centrifugal dryer capable of achieving a drying capacity between 300 to 4000 crates per hour is created.

    2006 Colussi Ermes 2006 Colussi Ermes
  • 2005

    Construction of the fourth facility, which expands and increases potential of its headquarters in via Valcunsat 9, bringing the covered surface area to 8,000 Sq m. Colussi Ermes consolidates its presence in Italy and abroad, in the U.S, South America and, above all, Australia where it sends various tunnels for washing and drying of crates used by the “Coles Supermarket” chain.

    2005 Colussi Ermes
  • 2003

    Testing on 2 systems for the production of the Oscar Myer Kraft ‘Lunchables’ range.

    2003 Colussi Ermes
  • 1999

    Construction of the second facility, an expansion of the existing facility, in via Valcunsat 9. Colussi Ermes, specialist manufacturer of washing systems for the food industry, diversifies into the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

    1999 Colussi Ermes
  • 1991

    Giovanni Battista Colussi partnered with his father Ermes to patent the first vertical ham washers. Construction of the first facility in via Valcunsat 9. Colussi Ermes srl is now an established company, specialised in the production of washing systems for the food industry in a variety of sectors, such as: cured meats, dairy, fishery and confectionery industries.

    1991 Colussi Ermes
  • 1980

    Ermes Colussi founded Colussi Ermes Srl, specialising in the manufacture of systems and equipment for the food industry.

    1980 Colussi Ermes
  • 1973

    Ermes Colussi founded Colussi Ermes Srl, specialising in the manufacture of systems and equipment for the food industry

    1973 Colussi Ermes