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Company Profile

The world of Colussi Ermes.

Colussi Ermes is global leader in the design and production of washing machines for the food industry, having realized over 6000 machines worldwide. Experience, research and know-how have all contributed to ensuring that the company, over the years, has become specialised not only in the meat, dairy, confectionery, fruit & vegetables, poultry and fishery sectors but also in more complex fields such as the pharmaceutical, hospital, logistics and automotive sectors.

A modern and dynamic brand, showing an exceptional capability of addressing a constantly changing market. Values such as innovation and organization to guarantee competitiveness, flexibility and quality for absolute environmental protection. Colussi Ermes has always been a synonym of excellence – excellence in industrial washing. Innovative design, rounded shapes, accurate details, high efficiency and ongoing research for perfection in order to achieve the absolute hygiene.

Today, Colussi Ermes is a company which exports all over the world, extensively in many countries. Spain, Germany, Australia and North America are the markets where we constantly reach the most important sales targets. Furthermore, with the aim of strengthening entry into the American market, Colussi Aws Inc. has been established in California, together with an all-American brand.


Advanced solutions, with unique and exclusive features.

The main goal of the company is that of fully meeting our customers’ expectations, committed to understanding their requirements, combining that commitment with a journey whose final destination is that of having created a fully “customized” system. Furthermore, proposing innovative washing solutions and systems which represent a concrete source of savings of water, energy and chemicals.

Colussi Ermes always has the right solution for any washing requirements, as it is able to customize the system on the basis of the production or efficiency values required: from washing, drying, automation to food processing.

Core Values

Authentic values based on the passion and commitment of man.

We strongly believe in the values which are conveyed by man, especially those which originate from experience and innovation. Our systems, state-of-the-art technology, are able to improve the quality and working conditions of each operator.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes


Quality for Colussi Ermes represents a true company philosophy, involving the entire production process, starting with the raw material, including the care taken during assembly, up to and including the construction of the product and operator training.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes


The spirit of innovation, combined with creativity and courage are key factors which lead to the most important technological innovations and mean that our products are always state-of-the-art.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes


The company values of Colussi Ermes are based on flexibility and dynamism, values which have, over time, created an active business organization which can adapt constantly to market demands.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes


For Colussi Ermes, excellence can only be achieved through the search for perfection; A concept which combines perfectly with the design and every technological and constructive factor.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes

Exclusive technology

Passion, commitment and strong investment in R&D have led to exclusive technology which ensures the highest efficiency levels of the category.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes

Correctness and honesty

Two values which are felt strongly in Colussi Ermes are transparency and clarity in relations with our customers, collaborators and with those who participate in all stages of the value chain.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes

Sustainable growth

Our goal is to develop ideas and product concepts which are in the spirit of protection for the environment, energy savings and eco-friendly technologies and help customers and partners make choices which are in line with these values.

Company Profile Colussi Ermes

New challenges

The position we have reached in the market with the public image of the company and the technical-qualitative values combined with complex and interesting job orders, have opened up an increasingly global and customized scenario.