Colussi Ermes TechnologyInnovation and technological value for high performance systems.

CE Technology

The most advanced technology on industrial washing systems.

For Colussi Ermes, technology represents a strategic factor in the manufacture of each washing system, the result of the know-how gained from the innovations arrived at through research and development, not to mention the over 40 years of experience. The high technological value of our washing systems translates into concrete value for the customer who can benefit from highly efficient production, and reduced operating and maintenance costs.


Complete autonomy in the manufacture of each component.

In Colussi Ermes, the word ‘technology’ is not only inherent to washing systems, but it is the belief which involves the entire production process whose purpose is to ensure strict adherence to delivery times and full quality control.
For this reason, an area of our facility is dedicated to the production of all the components required to manufacture a washing system, using custom machinery and highly specialised technicians.
Each component produced, before being assembled must first receive approval from the quality control department responsible for performing the required tests, using instrumentation for analyses and testing to certify quality and conformity.
Autonomy over the manufacture of primary components is a typical feature of Colussi Ermes and a decisive factor in creating a competitive advantage over the competition as it gives more direct control over quality, conformity and production schedules.
Colussi Ermes systems are manufactured from materials which meet high quality standards, including pharmaceuticals, and the structures are constructed entirely using stainless steel with thick insulated panels which reduce heat dispersion, energy consumption and airborne noise.


Research and development driving technological innovation.

Over the years, the R&D department has developed important technological innovations which have achieved every increasing levels of performance and efficiency in our systems, with performance values which are at the top of the category. Among these, we can mention the customized washing programmes with multiple water heating systems, high energy efficiency and sophisticated supervision systems for management of every wash stage, from the loading to the unloading of equipment.

As a result of the continuous evolution over the last decade, Colussi Ermes has become the leader in drying systems, offering machinery with a level of capacity and production at the top of the category. After continued research, in 2015 the R&D department created the first “super-compact” spin dryer, a machine able to combine a large capacity for drying crates in small spaces with a minimum footprint.

Continuous washing processes

New technologies in the service of hygiene.

For the benefit of hygiene, the systems manufactured by Colussi Ermes have innovative Clean In Place (CIP) self-wash programs that preserve and clean the production lines by removing organic and inorganic contaminants.
CIP is a self-washing automatic system for all circuits, walls and key points of the machine which does not require disassembly. This is carried out through the introduction of detergent fluids at a specific pre-set concentration, pressure and temperature and constantly monitored, followed by careful washing and sanitization.
The washing systems manufactured are also equipped with an advanced system for the removal of water residues from the surfaces of the equipment just washed so it can immediately return to the production process.
Today, these and other important technologies make it possible for Colussi Ermes to realise systems which are completely automated and customized, based on the size and performance requirements of the customer.
Many world renowned brands give their trust to Colussi Ermes systems, for their ability to integrate in the specific production chain and for the fact they easily withstand high levels of productivity, ensure continuous washing processes and are completely integrable in the customer’s production chain.