Colussi Ermes SystemAn organisational model of exceptional value.

CE System

An innovative process for washing systems. For the industries: food, logistics, pharmaceutical and hospitals.

The CE System is a process which characterises the modus operandi of Colussi Ermes, setting it apart from other companies present on the market and giving it a significant competitive advantage. The CE System is based on the creation of “value for the customer”, exploiting the know-how and experience gained in the construction of large washing systems for the food, logistics. pharmaceutical and hospital industries.


Tailor Made – Tailor-made solutions.

To address the variety of complex needs of every single customer, Colussi Ermes has launched a new project, known as Tailor Made, a true company philosophy which meets the requirements of product customization. Each washing system is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, realising unique systems which meet specific requirements. Colussi Ermes always has the right solution for the requirements of any system, as it is able to customize the system through the creation of real “prototype components”, created on the basis of the treatment values required: from washing to drying, from automation to the treatment of food products.

Every machine manufactured, regardless of its intended purpose, whether it be washing, drying, automation, or food processing, is unique in the world because it is tailored to specific production demands and performance. Colossi Ermes is the precise and concrete answer to all those variables that are constantly faced during the design stage, for any type of industrial washing system.

We tackle projects of every kind on a daily basis, including complex projects which often require the integration of their many divergent factors, such as: available space, production capacities, the type of residue and soiling to be processed, available power supply and the reduction of energy consumption, all in compliance with international standards.


Turnkey washing systems.

Each system is delivered to the customer in its final “turnkey” form, in accordance with a process which begins with the design, then progressing to construction and the subsequent stages of testing and the training of personnel assigned to operate the machine. The development of each industrial washing system is, therefore, conceived in accordance with a structured four stage process.

CE System Colussi Ermes

Stage one.
Identification of the requirements.

It all begins with the identification and assessment of the customer requirements and specifications, through a first on-site inspection carried out by our technicians.
Determining the means by which the future system will access the washing facilities and the ambient conditions are two important moments for understanding how best to adapt the technical requirements to the context. Quite often, in the food industry above all, it is during this stage where unexpected and complex problems arise and, frequently, the answers are found through innovative and unique solutions.

CE System Colussi Ermes

Stage two.
Project development.

Once the requirements have been identified, the specialists of Colussi Ermes begin to develop the design based on work programs and schedules, with the continuous monitoring of the objectives and needs.
The design of a washing system is developed in full collaboration with the customer and, through the use of computer simulations, each stage in its evolution is clear and understandable.
Colossi Ermes gives absolute priority to safety, health and the environment, so our systems are designed according to the principles of eco-sustainability, ensuring the maximum protection of operators while significantly reducing energy consumption and the amount of water and detergents used.

CE System Colussi Ermes

Stage three.
Manufacture of the system.

Once the project is approved, all the materials necessary for its construction are sourced after they are first subjected to a rigid quality control and technical conformance inspection.
And so, the manufacturing process of the washing system begins, a process continuously monitored through each development stage by our departments specialised in engineering, design and CAD systems.
Once the machine is complete with all its parts, it is subjected to a detailed inspection by the Quality Assurance (QA) inspectors who, after verifying its compliance with quality standards, issue a certificate of conformity. The system is sent to the test department only after the successful completion of these inspections.
The test verifies, based on actual samples provided by the customer, the levels of performance and efficiency achieved, results which are then compared to the design specifications.
Following the positive outcome of the test stage, each system receives approval to be sent the shipping department.

CE System Colussi Ermes

Stage four.
On-site installation and commissioning.

All test stages are rigorously monitored and recorded, and once performance is confirmed, a test reported is prepared (SAT report) which certifies it functions correctly. Each installation follows all the procedures required to ensure compliance with all safety standards, in full respect with the environment.


Service, Remote Assistance, Spare Parts

Upon completion of testing, a course of training begins with our technicians and the customer personnel assigned to operating the washing system. This stage is highly important, in that it will allow them to gain confidence and master the system, quickly learning every procedure for inspection and scheduled maintenance.

Three important features of the operator training course.

  • Personnel training with the support of both electricians and specialised mechanics.
  • Ad hoc simulations of anomalies and faults, to check the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Delivery of a highly detailed use and maintenance manual for the system, specially designed to “assist” the operator in any unforeseen situation.

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Increased production

Small and large industries in the food sector which use systems designed and manufactured by Colussi Ermes on a daily basis, have observed significant advantages over time, such as:

  • an increase in production capacity.
  • a more rational and economic use of personnel assigned to managing the system.
  • a reduction in wash times, while maintaining high standards of hygiene and sanitation.
  • a substantial reduction in energy consumption.
  • maximum respect for environmental regulations.
  • increased worker safety.


Honed technologies for perfect drying

Our systems use an innovative mechanism that removes water residue from the equipment surface and dries it perfectly, so that it can be reused immediately in production.


Eco-Sustainability / Saving Resources

Colussi Ermes is a synonym of commitment and eco-sustainability. Our objective is to develop ideas and concepts for products which respect the environment and are capable of improving both the quality of the workplace and life of individuals.

The systems are designed and manufactured with particular attention give to all those variables which interact in the context of energy and the environment, including:

  • reduced water consumption, as a result of the innovative recovery systems conceived by Colussi Ermes.
  • reduced energy consumption.
  • savings in the use of detergents. Colussi Ermes technology allows an optimised and rational reduction in the necessary use of chemical solutions; all to the advantage of the environment and cost management.


100% hygiene

The specialised systems of Colussi Ermes fully satisfy the most severe and rigorous international standards for hygiene and use innovative technologies like, as an example, the Clean in Place (CIP) self-washing program, which preserves and cleans the production lines by removing organic and inorganic contaminants.
In the production and distribution of food products, specifically in the pharmaceutical-hospital sector, the assurance of hygiene is a prerequisite in order to guarantee and protect the health and safety of consumers. This is one of the reasons why leading global companies trust our systems.



The word ‘flexibility’ is a term which is part of our corporate identity, and which the team knows very well, precisely because it incorporates the complete availability to any need the customer may have.

The company values of Colussi Ermes are based on flexibility and dynamism, values which have, over time, created a business organization which is not static and based merely on classic principles but is active and can be constantly adapted.

CE System Colussi Ermes

Clear Answer

The efficient and highly skilled staff of Colussi Ermes, benefiting from an extraordinary technical heritage and experience, assists the customer at every stage of the project phase with promptness, expertise and dedication.

CE System Colussi Ermes

Production Flexibility

Versatile washing systems constructed to process different types of equipment with different levels of residue all with a single system.