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CE Service

A “tailor-made” Technical Assistance Service for industrial washing systems.

Choosing a Colussi Ermes industrial washing plant means trusting in a partner who consciously believes in the strategic importance of the Technical Assistance Service, and why a highly specialized dedicated staff has been organised within the company.

Our relationship with the customer does not end with the delivery of the system, rather it is the moment it begins: the continued presence and strong commitment of our specialised electricians and mechanics ensure a fast and smooth start-up, without hiccups.

Over forty years of experience and know-how gained in industrial complexes, including at the world-wide level, have provided our Technical Assistance Service with both global and specific knowledge, not only during the test stage, but also in the management of every operation which follows the commissioning of a washing system.

CE Service Colussi Ermes


The in-depth training between our technicians and personnel assigned to work with the system enables the latter to gain confidence and mastery of the machine, quickly assimilating all the procedures required for scheduled maintenance.

Three important features of the operator training course.

  • Personnel training with the support of both electricians and specialised mechanics.
  • Ad hoc simulations of anomalies and faults, to check the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Delivery of a highly detailed use and maintenance manual for the system, specially designed to “assist” the operator in any unforeseen situation.
CE Service Colussi Ermes

Dedicated email address

Technical support for our systems is not a secondary feature for Colussi Ermes, so we have set up a specific email address which allows our customers to make use of Technical Support whenever it is needed. This means that every customer can count on us, sending us an email at any time, detailing the problems. No more being left in a queue on the phone and this way, we are able to provide assistance in the shortest time possible.

Our CE Service can be contacted at: /

CE Service Colussi Ermes

Remote assistance

In order to handle any type of request in the fastest time possible, our Technical Assistance Service is structured to assist the customer through both telephone support and, in the case of more complex anomalies, an on-line link that can provide a more complete and in-depth picture of the situation.

CE Service Colussi Ermes

Spare parts

Within our facility we have dedicated a specific area for the spare parts warehouse to allow quick and efficient deliveries. The huge costs which long waits for an order to be processed mean our spare parts service is becoming increasingly more strategic and appreciated by our customers, who know they can count on having a reliable partner at their side.

CE Service Colussi Ermes


Colussi Ermes offers partial or total overhauls of obsolete installations by means of repair, replacements or adaptations that optimise system functionality.
Every overhauled system can be integrated with new technologies, enabling you to achieve performance levels similar to those of the most modern machines..

Our CE Service can be contacted at: /