Colussi Ermes QualityThousands of washing systems made and installed all over the world, based on innovative processes and unique values.

CE Quality

The most highly respected brands in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics industries choose our washing systems.

More than 5000 washing systems made and installed across the globe, these are our calling cards. The experience and know-how gained in more than 40 years of business represent our heritage, a heritage we can draw on every day to meet the requests and requirements of our customers.

At a certain level, productive inefficiency is not an option, nor are obstacles of any type, and it is for this very reason that the most important companies in the food, pharmaceutical and logistics sectors rely on Colussi Ermes to design and produce their washing systems.

Over time we have developed transversal expertise and various market sectors: the food industry, ranging from bread making, to cakes, passing through the wonderful world of chocolate, from the meat sector to the poultry sector, from dairy to fruit and vegetables; the logistics, pharmaceutical and hospital sectors and even the automotive sector.


The main strengths

CE Quality Colussi Ermes


For Colussi Ermes, quality represents the company philosophy, involving the entire production process: from construction of the materials used, to the care taken during assembly, up to and including training of the operators who are taught according to the specific paths, specifically studied so that the technician can produce the smallest detail with the excellence which distinguishes the CE System.

Each component which makes up a Colussi Ermes system is subjected to strict quality controls, with inspections and sample tests verifying full compliance with the technical-constructive parameters.

Our qualified QA inspectors (Quality Assurance) avail themselves of state-of-the-art equipment and tools to perform all those procedures, which were designed specifically for our machines. Special devices provide thorough process traceability, ensuring the results comply fully with HACCP regulations.

CE Quality Colussi Ermes


For more than 40 years, safety has been a main characteristic of our company, setting our systems apart from the competition, thanks to the great attention we pay to accident prevention and the safety of our employees. Each washing system produced and installed by Colussi Ermes complies fully with all international standards in force.

CE Quality Colussi Ermes

Tailor Made – Tailor-made solutions

Each washing system is designed, developed and configured for each individual customer, realising unique systems which meet specific requirements.

Colussi Ermes always has the right solution for the requirements of any system, as we are able to customize it through the creation of real “prototype components”, on the basis of the required production or efficiency values. Find out more.

CE Quality Colussi Ermes


Technology is an essential component in the realization of every single Colussi Ermes machine.

The technological value of our systems, which is the result of careful research and development, as well as know-how gained over years of experience, translates into: 100% hygiene, production efficiency, reduced running and maintenance costs, constant monitoring of all parameters, safety of employees.

The R&D department has developed technologies which allow our system to have innovative customized washing programs, with high levels of energy efficiency and numerous water heating systems.

Colussi Ermes is also a leader in drying systems, ranging from those which are integrated with the washing systems up to and including specific machines with extremely high speed and capacity levels. The “super-compact” systems stand out here, perfectly combining exceptional drying capacity with a minimum footprint. Find out more.

CE Quality Colussi Ermes

CE Service: Technical Assistance Service of Colussi Ermes

The Technical Assistance Service is an extremely important department, encompassing a range of complementary activities aimed at ensuring comprehensive technical support which is always on hand after system commissioning.

  • Operator training.
  • Technical assistance 24/7.
  • Remote assistance.
  • Spare parts.

Find out more.

CE Quality Colussi Ermes


The company values of Colussi Ermes are based on flexibility and dynamism, values which have, over time, created a business organization which is not static and based merely on classic principles but is active and can be constantly adapted. Find out more.

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