Due to the health emergency caused by COVID-19, Colussi Ermes has put into place all the necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus, activating all the foreseen precautions and actions to protect our clients and collaborators.

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Working safely for your safety.

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We are fully operational and dedicated to satisfying your needs.


Colussi Ermes takes care of you and your loved ones!


Industrial washing systems

Colussi Ermes is global leader in the design and production of washing machines for the food industry, having realized over 5.000 machines worldwide. Experience, research and know-how have all contributed to ensuring that the company, over the years, has become specialised not only in the meat, dairy, confectionery, fruit & vegetables, poultry and fishery sectors but also in more complex fields such as the pharmaceutical, hospital, logistics and automotive sectors.

Automatic crate washing systems suitable for all sectors.

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Crate washers

The Colussi Ermes spin drying systems guarantee speed and perfect drying of up to 6400 crates/hour.

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Spin Drying Systems

An innovative process for washing systems. For the industries: food, logistics, pharmaceutical and hospitals.

Colussi Ermes always has the right solution for any washing requirements, as it is able to customize the system on the basis of the production or efficiency values required: from washing, drying, automation to food processing.

Nel pieno rispetto delle norme in vigore per il COVID-19, Colussi ha adottato tutte le misure necessarie per affrontare l'emergenza, a tutela dei nostri Clienti/Fornitori, del nostro personale e di chiunque interagisca con la nostra azienda.
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